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Substance Abuse Treatment 

Chemical dependency disorders is a condition that not only affects the user, but any family member or loved one associated with him/her. Parthenon Medical and Behavioral Center specializes in educating and treating patients with chemical dependency and has certified physicians and addiction psychologist that can implement an individualized plan to closely monitor the patient’s progress throughout the phases of healing.


Rest & Relax

Regardless of where your pain resides, massage therapy is an effective component of your pain management treatment. Through the use of harnessed water pressure, the ultrasonic hydromassage bed can be a very positive pain treatment for many patients. The bed’s customized control of pressure, temperature and speed, as well as the ability to localize the massage to a particular problem area makes it an integral facet of healthy living for all patients, even if they don’t refer to Parthenon for all of their chronic pain issues.


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Weight Management

If you feel like you just can’t meet your weight goals, there’s a solution awaiting you at Parthenon Medical and Behavioral Center. Through vitamin B12 injections and a combination of nutraceuticals, our physicians will enhance your energy and metabolism to help you feel great and knock off those extra pounds. Our weight management programs are individually tailored to each patient’s health goals and finalized after various methods of diagnostic testing. The objective is to meet health goals with complete diagnostic testing, including Psychological Evaluation and treatment. We aim to develop a comprehensive Weight Management Program to help each person achieve their desire weight goals.


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