About us.


At Parthenon Medical and Behavioral Center, our goal is simple: to maximize the health and well being of our patients through a holistic approach to comprehensive medical management. Through the use of both traditional methods and groundbreaking interventions in patient care and medical research, Parthenon is leading the way in customized, personal treatment programs.
Our well-rounded and experienced physicians will determine your individual needs and adjust the treatment toa level that is both safe and effective. In addition to therapies specifically tailored toward pain management, PMC offers a variety of treatments that are beneficial to your overall well being, including diet and weight management, vitamin and nutrient deficiency testing, anti-aging therapies, and psychological intervention.


We also have an in-house laboratory and diagnostic tools, such as electrocardiogram and ultrasound machines. Parthenon Medical is here to help educate you about how to best treat your ailment and ultimately get you back to living the normal life style you deserve through optimal health and well being.